Tips on How to Keep Your Makeup Last for the Whole Day

Make-up is any fashionable girl's bestfriend. No matter how good your look is, trouble begins when it starts coming off. Just imagine patches of foundation coming off and your lipstick and mascara smudging.

Not everyone has enough time for a touch-up, especially when on a day or night-long event. If you do have the time, no one looks good lugging their makeup bag.

So, for less touch-up, here are some tips to make your makeup look last longer.


Give Your Makeup a Fighting Chance

Before anything else, make sure your skin is prepped.


Clean your face first with your favorite products. But, don’t just settle for soap, foam, or gel and water. Exfoliating your skin will be tremendous help. You can also use a toner for further cleansing. Then, make sure your face is moisturized and primed.


Using a good primer is essential if you want to make your look last longer. That’s because it locks in the moisture and provides a smoother area for the makeup to stick to.


Choose the Right Makeup Products

Some products are made for certain types of skin. Make sure you get one that works with yours. However, using oil-free foundation and concealer will work best, so the product doesn’t slide from your face.


Generally, more expensive products also prove to stay on better than cheaper ones. But that isn’t always the case. There are still many drugstore products that can be great dupes for more expensive brands.


Additionally, working with long-wear formulas will do the trick. There are long-wearing foundations, concealers, mascaras, and even lipsticks. Wearing these will lessen the need for a retouch.


Try Permanent Makeup

Trying permanent makeup can help lessen the time it takes to get ready.


There are permanent makeup and semi-permanent ones. The former is done by tattooing the “makeup.” For example, your eyebrows will be tattooed, so it stays on even until you grow older.


If you’re not a fan of that and would want to change your look now and then, semi-permanent solutions are perfect for you. These can last from a few months before you need to have it re-done. An example of this is eyebrow microblading.


Of course, make sure you find a reliable place to get permanent make-up.


Use Thin Layers


You might have seen so many beauty influencers that use thick layers of foundation and concealer. Although it seems to work for them, it's actually best to work with thin layers, and then build it up.


You can achieve an even more natural look with this. But, it also helps with keeping your makeup stay.


Set Your Makeup


After applying your base makeup, make sure you set it with a setting powder. The product makes sure the product doesn’t move around as you work on other areas of the face or top it with more products.


Additionally, use a setting spray once your whole look is done. It “locks” the makeup and guarantees it stays on for much longer


With these tricks, you rarely need to retouch your look. Plus, it gives you more confidence throughout the event.

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