Popular Food Trends That Are Taking 2020 by Storm

Food is something that every person needs to survive, but people have recently popularized a lot of food trends that are sweeping the nation and the globe. With how food trends come and go, it’s sometimes to hard to keep up.

The food industry is something that never goes out of style, but do you know what food fads are in right now? Here are some of the food trends that you should expect to see this 2020.

Plant-Based Lifestyles

A plant-based, otherwise known as a vegan, lifestyle has been taking the world by storm. Many people become vegan for different reasons; some want to lead a healthier life, whereas some people want only to consume and use cruelty-free goods. However, veganism gained a lot of popularity, not just because of the lifestyle but the food. Nowadays, a vegan diet is far from boring; many people know how to expertly season and cook vegan food to perfection.

Many businesses cater to the vegan lifestyle by offering fun vegan food trends such as acai bowls and nut butter. However, the food industry has to be a bit more careful when they cater to vegans. Most vegans will not consume products that were potentially made in a facility that processes animal products. Many companies get things such as equipment for industrial baking for different factories to avoid mixing animal products with vegan products.

Alternative Dairy Products

While vegans do not consume any product that comes from an animal, including dairy, they are not the only people looking for alternatives. Some people do not support the dairy industry and are lactose-intolerant, but alternative dairy products have grown in popularity. Beverages such as almond milk and soy milk are sold in most groceries around the world. People love the health benefits that they get and the taste too.

Purple Yam

Have you seen a lot of photos of purple ice cream going around your social media feed? Then it is probably ube, the trendy yam that hails from the Philippines. Besides being rich in antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, this yam has a bright purple hue to it that people love.

Note that this yam does not instantly make the dessert healthier. By itself, ube already has a slightly sweet taste, but processing it would also add sugars that would be a concern if you’re watching your waistline.

Functional Foods

Functional food

Everybody knows that food has a function, which is basically fuel for the body. Healthy food used to taste bland and boring, but in 2020, functional foods that also taste great are ready for primetime.

Most brands like to promote their products by stating what their food can do for you. Instead of talking about how tasty it is, the main point of the product would be for health. For instance, you may spot a packet of nuts with a label that states how it will provide you with protein for the day and help ward off hunger as well.

Food is an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle and diet. In 2020, though, new ways to try out and enjoy food is a fun way to express yourself.

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