Change is Coming…For Your Skincare Routine

For Filipinas, skincare is something that’s become a seemingly overnight hit. Suddenly, every girl is obsessed with the makeup canvas that is their skin. This change can perhaps be credited to the reemergence of good Korean dramas. What sane girl doesn’t want a cute oppa falling for her, right?

The leading ladies in said K-dramas have smooth and clear skin, probably because Korea isn’t only known for its vibrant entertainment industry, but also for its expertise in beauty products. Aspects of Korean skincare – like the 10-step skincare routine and COSRX products – have become wildly popular in the Philippines.

But, while it may have taken you months or even years to settle on a skincare routine that works for you, the times are changing and so is your skin. As a result, you may need to find a new skincare routine that can address the challenges you face at this particular stage of your skin’s needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you find yourself stuck deep in a skincare rut. Look out for the signs that your skincare routine needs an upgrade.

You’re Not Seeing Results (Anymore)

It takes a bit of time for you to see the results of the products you slather onto your face. However, if you’ve waited too long and a particular skin problem is still persistent, it’s a sign that the product you’re using might not be working for your skin type or needs.

On the other hand, there are also products that worked so well at the start, but you’re not seeing those results anymore. While there are many possible reasons your skincare products suddenly stop working, you shouldn’t waste time and money by continuing to use them. If your skincare products are no longer giving you the best results, it might be time to for a change.

Your Skin Dries or Oils Up

Age, the weather, and other biological factors affect the oil production of your skin. You might not have been doing anything in particular, but external factors may affect the oiliness or dryness of your skin. If you normally have dry skin that’s suddenly oily and vice versa, you need new skincare products that will address this change.

You’re Seeing Redness and Experiencing Skin Irritation

Redness isn’t usually the goal when you’re putting skincare products on your face. In fact, that’s one of the most notable red flags when it comes to anything that touches your skin. When a product you’re using causes redness or any other type of discoloration, you might want to make some changes to your skincare regimen.

Additionally, beauty should not necessarily be equated with pain. In fact, the road to glowing skin should not be riddled with pain. So, if you’re suddenly experiencing a burning sensation when you apply a skincare product you normally use, that might mean you have developed a sensitivity to it and it’s no longer compatible with your skin.

You’ve Grown Older

Asian woman applying cream under eyes

If you’ve had the same skincare routine from when you were a fresh grad ‘til now that you’re in your 30s, do yourself a favor and make some changes to your regimen. Yes, even though you’re not seeing anything negative by using the same products, your skin isn’t the same anymore.

As your skin ages, there are products that are better suited to your skin’s changing needs. If you keep using the same old products, there might be underlying problems just waiting to show up on your skin.

Trying on new products can be both exciting and risky. For one, you might find gems that may work wonders on your skin or you may end up spending money on products that don’t work. When you do find the products that make your skin feel and look good for this stage of your life, use them for as long as they work for you to see the best possible results.

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