How to Be a Hero with Your Evening Routine

Being an awesome human being is a 24/7 job. It does not end after you’ve carpooled home and taken off your fair trade shoes. It demands a complete change to more sustainable practices. So, slip into your handmade wool slippers. Change into your comfortable, ethically produced pajamas.

Here are suggestions for a green night routine.

1. Get some greens

You need complete dedication to become a vegetarian. If you can’t commit, start by choosing which meal you can opt out eating meat. A great start is usually during dinner. There are many simple dishes you can prepare even when you’re too busy.

There’s Caprese salad or spaghetti squash, vegetable fried rice or fresh spring rolls. There are many health benefits that you can reap once you’ve made the change. It can help manage your weight better. Choosing to have vegetarian meals for dinner will also help you sleep better.

This is because you’re giving your digestive system a lighter load before snoozing. It will also help you sleep better knowing that you’ve consumed less water by saying no to steak.

As motivation, keep in mind the numbers 39 and 1,850. That is for a pound of beef; it takes 1,850 gallons of water to produce. In comparison, a pound of your greens only takes 39 gallons.

2. Cut back on your viewing time

It is a 21st-century instinct to lay in bed and do some watching. You can take advantage of important inventions like cable TV, YouTube, Netflix or Hulu. Choose your poison. But the goal here is not to completely take the antidote. Rather, prolong the agony of finishing that damned series.

Since not everyone is off the grid, whatever little sacrifice we can take makes a difference. No matter how tiny the action, our efforts in saving electricity will add up in the long run. It won’t be a sacrifice if you change it up with something you enjoy.

So, try to explore other post-dinner hobbies you can have fun with. Enjoy the evening air by taking a stroll. Read the original book or a book about that damned series.

Play a musical instrument. Improve your relationship with your special loved one by having a chat. The latter could either help you sleep better or make it worse. Tread carefully.

3. Get clean

Cleanse, tone, moisturize and occasional scrubbing. These are basic night time skin care that anyone can follow. You can go two ways with this, DIY or using products from responsible companies. There are a ton of articles about cruelty-free and sustainable companies.

It would be better if you can buy locally to lessen your carbon footprint. Consult first with your esthetician before you start following a DIY tutorial.

Not all solutions are applicable to all skin types. What works for some may not work for you. Last, avoid using exfoliants with microbeads made of plastic. Although tiny, these are not biodegradable and can be harmful to marine life.

4. Keep calm

Woman sleeping

The quality of your bed will affect the quality of your sleep. For your mattress, go for plant-based materials. Have a luxurious sleep by using king-size bamboo sheets with your king-size natural latex mattress.

Natural latex would be a durable and biodegradable option if you chose against memory foam. Express your self-love before you close your eyes. Avoid using petroleum-derived, synthetic products. I prefer the scent of lavender essential oil over formaldehyde.

Not all heroes wear capes; some wear a sustainable shirt made from recycled materials. No matter how you choose to make a difference, what’s important is that you made the first step.

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