Five Trending Accessories of 2019 that You Should Have

The year 2019 marks the period of abundance and wealth. Getting over the classy and sophisticated forms of accessories, people now embrace bold and eye-catching fashion designs. Update your fashion encyclopedia as we give you the top five trending accessories of the year.

Stacked Jewelry

Gone are the simple and elegant-looking necklaces. The trending style these days are stacked pieces of jewelry. They symbolize prosperity, and they give others a dynamic impression. You can stack up your old necklaces or look for a great jewelry shop in Salt Lake City to buy new ones. The technique in pulling off a grandeur look with stacked accessories is to choose jewelry of similar shades. You can also try stacking a choker and a dangling necklace together to achieve a cool layer of necklaces.

Feathered Accessories

Inspired by the rise of the Bohemian theme, feathered accents have become popular in 2019. They are used in a variety of things such as shoes, bags, and jewelry. Adding feather embellishments to accessories is difficult. Even so, designers still do their best to craft unique creations with them, giving a Boho-chic look to wearers.

Multiple Statement Rings

Wearing one ring is not enough these days. To provide an impression of a small delicate hand, designers have started endorsing rings with big stones. They are to be worn on three fingers, aiding wearers in expressing confidence and opulence.

Sea-Inspired Jewelry

The year 2019 is all about interjecting nature elements with modern ones. With this theme, some designers have come up with the idea of using seashells, stones, and pearls as parts of jewelry. They give classy and unique vibes to people. Big pearls are used to enhance necklaces and earrings. Seashells are also mixed with metal elements and used as accents. They provide a refreshing and luxurious feel.

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Basket Bags

Leather bags will be taking a vacation this year because basket bags are now in demand. Basket bags come in different colors and forms. You can purchase them in a spherical, cubic, and other shapes. They have taken over the streets of Milan and New York and are starting to rule over the world. With their detailed and chic designs, many buyers are fascinated and impressed.

Baker Boy Hats

Having a baker boy cap in your wardrobe is a good sign that you are updated in 2019’s fashion. Its popularity started in Paris and has now spread to other parts of the globe. It has various colors and fabric materials. However, it is good to purchase leather or wool baker boy hats in classic colors such as black, gray, and navy.

Angular Eyeglasses

In the previous years, Harry Potter’s eyeglasses were a huge hit to both men and women. However, this is not the case in 2019 where angular sunglasses are the latest trends. Today’s sunglasses are manufactured in various shapes such as triangles, pentagons, and hexagons. With them, you can achieve a playful and attractive look.

Accessories help us express our personality. They enhance our features and give us confidence. Therefore, it is beneficial to know about the trends concerning them.

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