Wedding Inspirations from Romantic Comedy Movies

If you are a fan of romantic comedy movies, you’ve probably noticed some patterns that never fail to exist. At weddings, there is always a stressed bride. Or an obnoxious aunt that every member of the family tries to avoid. Then there will be last-minute realizations, frantically hailing for a cab, and running after someone you just said some awful stuff to.

Whether you watch rom-coms because you like seeing a maid of honor fall in love with the best man in four days or not, there are some pretty good wedding lessons you can pick up from these shows. And if you are serious about your rom-com game, why not get some inspiration for your wedding from your top rom-com shows? Here are a few details from some excellent rom-coms you can apply in your wedding:

1. 27 Dresses

If you’re looking for inspiration for your bridesmaids’ dresses, you have 27 of them to choose from in this movie. Or actually, you can use this movie to list down the dresses you won’t go for. The main character, Jane, played by Katherine Heigl, has been through all sorts of weddings: an Indian one, a Japanese one, a traditional one. You name it—she’s been there.

This is actually a pretty good movie to make you realize how helpful your bridesmaids are and a reminder not to overwork them. Other than the bridesmaids’ dresses, you can also get an idea of reception styles, food, flower arrangement, cake, and more. Just a word of caution: the cliche of distraught brides is present here. There will be ripped dresses and stressful wedding speeches. Brace yourself for that, and make sure you avoid them happening on your big day.

2. Sex and the City

Sex and the City is an excellent movie for choosing wedding styles. You have a series of weddings to nitpick the details of. First, there is Tray and Charlotte’s wedding, which is like a fairy tale coming true. You probably loved their ceremony if you like yours to happen in a big church as well. The gown Charlotte wears is by Vera Wang, so there goes glamour and sophistication. Although the marriage is short-lived in the movie, you can focus on the details you can copy. After all, she gets married again and becomes happier despite the messy ceremony.

If you feel like breaking old traditions, Miranda is your girl. Well, she proposed to Steve over beer. They didn’t have big wedding plans. They saw a community garden, and that’s it. Probably the most low-key on-screen wedding you have ever seen. But her suit was elegant, and you get some inspiration for this if you don’t feel like wearing a traditional wedding dress.

Carrie and Big’s wedding happened twice, so you have more to choose from. The first one is the definition of over the top, which suits Carrie’s personality. The dress is probably every Vogue magazine’s avid reader’s dream. The bird headdress might be to your liking or not; that is totally up to you. But really, it’s the 5-carat diamond engagement ring that probably made everyone envy Carrie. Plus, when Big says she deserves that luxurious engagement ring because she is not like anyone else, that is every girl’s dream right there.

3. Mamma Mia 2

Except for the bit of a blunder where three different men were claiming to be the bride’s father, this movie is a great inspiration for a destination wedding. The wedding got called off in the middle of the ceremony because the bride decided just to see the world with her groom instead of exchanging vows. But the whole Greek wedding was already set up for you to take notes from.

Whether you are planning to take off to Santorini for your wedding or not, the whole island setting is just too picturesque not to notice. Wedding pictures are at a whole new level with the sea and the limestones in the backdrop. Every corner on the island can be an excellent photo shoot spot.

And the venue setup is just too immaculate with the white and blue theme. The drop lights, the drapes, and the flower arrangements complement each other to create the perfect wedding venue ensemble. If you plan to have a beach wedding, Sophie’s dress is just the ideal combination of relaxed and sophisticated. Embellished with dainty gold accessories, the look is complete. The Greek-style aesthetics is so simple yet so elegant.

Romantic comedies are fun and filled with laughs and a few heartwarming moments. But they become even more fun when you watch them for a purpose, like getting some inspiration for your own wedding.

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