Revealing Your Personality with Your Home Design

People feel more comfortable when their home reflects their inner personality. It makes the place more like a place to live and stay. If you recently bought a new home for yourself, then you should make some changes. The help of a professional interior designer can make it easy for you, but not everyone can afford that. Here are some decoration tips that will be sure to make any visitor to your home know you more.

Have Your Hobbies on Display

One effective way to show off your personality is to put your hobbies front and center. If you have some overriding passion, then you should put it on display. For example, if you love books, then you should have many full bookshelves. They can be a great conversation starter with guests. Showing off your entire book collection ensures that you will always have something to talk about with people. Don’t just dump the books on the shelves either. Books can be colorful and different. Use that to your advantage by nicely arranging them. Mix and match the colors of the covers and sizes. Have some organization to it but add your personal touch.

Your hobby can also provide your home with the decorations that you need. If you are artistic or good with your hands, there are several things that you can make use of as decor. Paintings and sculptures are great pieces that you can display. Furniture that you made yourself can have pride of place in the right places. Additionally, if your hobbies earned you some awards, then they should be on prominent display. Showing off that you are a championship swimmer shows more about your personality than anything else.

Choose The Colors

The colors that you like can also reflect the sort of person that you are. Sit down and list all your favorite colors. Those should be your color choices for the rooms of your home. It doesn’t matter whether it is deep purple or magenta green. That is all about expressing yourself. Using a unique color choice is better since you can be sure that it will be unique. Don’t just apply things without thinking things through. Experiment a bit and consider the furnishings of the room you are decorating. You want the pairing to work to your advantage.

It Is All About Comfort

The main reason you want your place to reflect your personality is that it makes you feel more comfortable. This philosophy should also come into play when choosing your furnishings. If you don’t find a chair or bed comfortable, then you should replace it with something that does. For example, you may have to choose between a beautiful sofa and a comfortable one. You should always go for the one that you can relax on. Determine what you like in furniture and use that as the basis of your selection.

Don’t Limit Yourself

modern living room

Some homes come with rooms that have a definite purpose to them. For example, the previous owners had a second bedroom or something similar. It can be tempting to leave it like that and keep its original purpose. But that is not you. That is someone else’s vision of the home. If you want to make a place your own, use your ideas for the room and space. The second bedroom can become a home gym or something similar.

Present Your Loved Ones

There will always be people you treasure. If you have pictures of loved ones, then they make perfect decorations for your home. Photos are becoming a lost art nowadays as digital mediums take over. But you likely have great pictures of your loved ones. Frame them and put them in prominent positions to display them.

Photos are not the only way to remember your loved ones. You might have keepsakes and heirlooms from older members of your family. For example, your grandparents might have left you something of theirs. That might be a favorite camera or something similar. Putting it up for display can be a great way to remember them. It doesn’t even have to be from the deceased. If you and your partner went on a memorable trip, then you might want to show off a souvenir of the occasion. Decorations like these emphasize the other parts of your personality and your relationships.

Your home is your place of comfort and relaxation. With the right decor, it can even become a part of you. Start thinking of the changes that you can make now so that you can feel better in your home.

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