Peculiar Wedding Rituals and Their Meanings

Couples who are deeply in love certainly have wedding plans in their minds. There is no better way to profess your feelings for each other, and having friends and family witness the ceremony makes it extra special. You can only expect the atmosphere to be filled with happiness.

Some of the best wedding venues include beautiful beaches or private gardens. They can increase the level of intimacy or sanctity of the ceremony. But there could be other traditions that you might find unusual. This is not surprising since the world is home to various cultures and traditions. You may find these funny or weird, but they have been passed on for generations and are recognized for their meanings and symbolism. So after sealing your proposal with a braided diamond engagement ring, you might want to prepare yourself as you could be a participant in some of these rituals.


Germany is well-known for its industrial prowess. Some of the world’s top luxury automotive brands like BMW and Mercedes hail from this country Under the hood, their cars are said to have refined and sophisticated engineering. This is the result of having the brightest teams working harmoniously on their products. For many German weddings, they instill this sense of cooperation through a tradition called Polterabrend. The literal meaning of this is creating noise at night. The act itself involves the guests being given the quirky privilege of breaking all sorts of tableware inside the newlywed’s home. In the aftermath, the couple would help each other clean up the mess.

Resilience and Strength

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One of the groom’s future role’s in life would be that of a provider for his family. Life is full of challenges, and you should have a good amount of fortitude to power yourself through them. If you were to become a groom in South Korea, you could be subjected to a tradition that sounds painful, but is actually more of an act done in humor. After the wedding, your kin groomsmen will tie your feet and proceed in “beating” them up with a stick. This establishes how strong you are as a person, which should be telling of how able you are in carrying your union on your proverbial shoulders.

If you are the bride though, you have to know about a weird tradition from Scotland dubbed the Blackening. Before your special day, relatives and friends will have you all tied up and pour all kinds of disgusting stuff on you. This could be the smelliest condiments that you can think of like fish sauce and vinegar, and other slimy and gooey things they can get hold of. As if that is not bad enough, after the deed is done you will be taken out and for the night as a sick way to parade you in public. You obviously need to be a good sport to participate in this ritual, but people will see you as a beacon of strength who can take on any and all tasks that life can throw at you.


You may have a logical or scientific outlook in life, but luck is an element that has the ability to turn the tables, so to speak. As such, it would not hurt to follow traditions that aim to raise your chances of getting better odds.

In Southeast Asia, Malaysians and Indonesians observe a tradition where the couple is tasked to hold off in using the bathroom for three days after their wedding ceremony. Family members keep a watchful eye on them to make sure they do not break this. To aid them in the pursuit, they are asked to consume a little amount of food. Failing in this challenge would mean bad luck for the duration of the marriage, which does not bode well for the couple. They believe that this could lead to some of the worst things that can happen to the union, including its destruction.

These are some of the strangest wedding traditions that you will see around the world. Some are lighthearted, while others have serious implications. Either way, do not let these distract you from getting into the married life. The most important thing for you to know is that you love your future spouse and would do anything to stay together for the rest of your lives.

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