Paper-related Gift Ideas for Your First Wedding Anniversary

Time flies fast. A year can pass by without you noticing it. This is also how it goes for a married couple. One moment, they are celebrating their wedding day; the next moment, they are marking their first wedding anniversary. Based on tradition, the symbol of the first anniversary is paper. Looking for ideas? Read on for inspiration on how to celebrate with gifts related to paper.

A Reflection on the Year

Affordable promise rings are an excellent gift for your first wedding anniversary. They can serve as an alternative to your wedding rings. The latter may be of traditional metal. As such, they are not that appropriate for daily activities and active lifestyles. Some promise rings are made of silicone. This material is very durable yet stylish, too.

But what is a promise ring without a promise? To give more meaning to your gift, you can update your wedding vows. During your first year of marriage, you have experienced things or issues that you did not know before. Align your new wedding vows with these. Write these vows on special paper. Read them to one another as you exchange your promise rings. You may have your vows framed as a reminder.

Spend Quality Time

With the many demands of married life, a couple may forget to have some quality time. An anniversary is a perfect time to have some. Avail some tickets to take you somewhere fun and exciting. It could be a concert, a movie, or a sports event. If time allows, buy plane tickets and get ready to have a short vacation together.

Whatever activity you choose, be sure to keep your tickets to serve as a memento of your first year together. You may have it placed in a special box along with other souvenirs. Framing it or putting it on a scrapbook is another option.

A Date with Nature

A carefree way to spend some time together is to plan an outing that communes with nature. Some options would be camping, stargazing, or an afternoon at the park. Be sure to take some food and drinks. Enjoy them on paper plates and in paper cups.

Spending time with nature will help you relax and enjoy each other’s presence. You can talk about how your year has been. Highlight the best moments. Reflect on the tough moments. Celebrate the balance that you have created together.

Laying a Foundation for Adventure

couple hike

Your first year is only the start of your whole life together. On your wedding anniversary, draft and agree on a bucket list of things that you want to do together. This will help you get excited about the years ahead. Also, it will remind you not to neglect your relationship even when children come into the mix.

To avoid getting frustrated or pressured, you can divide them into categories. You can have easy ones and long-term ones. This way, you would not go into the misconception that you have to do everything at once.

Cross off an item or two on your first wedding anniversary itself. Then have a special place for your bucket list. See the items being crossed off as you grow in years together.

Your first wedding anniversary is important. You have survived what others call as the period of adjustment. Above all gifts, your commitment and love for each other are the best ones.

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