Packing Light: Suggestions for Reducing Your Family Vacation Baggage

One of the most challenging aspects of going on vacation with your family is packing and carrying luggage. After all, there are a lot of people involved, and more people usually equates to more items. However, the more items you’re carrying the more you have to worry about. There’s a higher chance that something will get lost or stolen. So why don’t you work toward ultimately packing lighter with these handy suggestions? You’ll find that you can enjoy more when you bring less.

Rent Some Items

It can be funny how you actually carry bulkier items the younger your children are. Admit it, those diapers and toys are going to take up space like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll sometimes wish you wouldn’t have to bring strollers. Fortunately, depending on where you’re going, you may actually be able to leave some of the equipment at home. There are people who offer rentals on baby items such as strollers and toys. You can even rent a twin rollaway bed with a mattress.

Think of Multiuse Items

Bags can end up being bulkier than they should because of bringing multiple items for only one kind of use. A grave offender, in particular, would be footwear. As much as we hate to admit it, but footwear can be bulky and inflexible, making it hard to fit. What you can do in this case is to wear a pair that you can use for most of the trip and then pack only up to one more. This can also apply to other items such as hats, toys, and jewelry.

Pack Essentials First

Travel essentials

This is one of the most suggested actions to take and for a good reason. Packing the items that you absolutely need first will make sure that you have them around when you’re out there. A great way of doing so is to lay out all the items that you want to bring on the bed and then remove the ones that you can live without before putting the rest in the bags. This works well with the next point.

Let Everyone Carry Their Own

When you think of packing for a family vacation, you may think of getting a big suitcase or two and putting everything there. However, if everyone has their own backpack and able to lift them, then you may want to let everyone carry their own items instead. Not only will you be able to pack lighter for each person, but you’ll also be able to get items that you need when you need them. You don’t have to struggle in separating carry-on items and cargo.

Going on a trip with your family doesn’t have to be stressful starting from the preparation stage. Help reduce your emotional burden by packing lighter and minimizing your physical burden. Follow these suggestions and also find other creative ways of lowering the weight of your baggage. Remember that you have control over how satisfying and enjoyable your getaway will be, and you can start from packing light.

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