5 Factors that Make Us Fall for Another Person

Most people would often say that true beauty lies inside a person. But, it’s also a fact that most people would also do everything to let their inner beauty come out. Understanding the real reasons why we get attracted to someone is a challenge. It might be their confidence or their sense of humor that attracted us the most. But it could also be the way they look.

Several pieces of research have gone into trying to explain the factors that attract us to another person. Various results showed that people often go for others who share the same traits. Meanwhile, others are particularly attracted to a kind of smell. For those who are curious, here are a few common facial traits that can make someone attracted to another person.


Studies published in the U.S. National Library National Institutes Of Health showed that both sexes felt attracted to those with symmetrical faces. A few experts suggest that our attraction developed during our evolution back when we see people with a symmetrical face have good health. But, a recent study back in 2014 suggests otherwise. A research done at the Brunel University in London found out that there is no existing correlation between a person’s face and his health.

Average Features

Meanwhile, other people find those with standard features a lot more attractive from the rest. It’s because average faces denote a more distinct set of genes. Some people often associate these blends of traits to the body’s innate ability to ward off diseases or even parasites.

Mature Features

The more that women grow more financially independent, the more that they find older men more attractive than those that are in the same age as them. One reason that researchers think is that women can still father children even at a much later period, making them more attractive to women.

Facial Hair

attractive man driving a car

Whether it’s the abundance of facial hair or the lack of it depends on the person’s view of attractiveness. Some people fall for a bushy beard. Meanwhile, others prefer to have facial waxing in Salt Lake City to get rid of it altogether. But recent studies showed that women often find men with heavy stubbles most attractive. Meanwhile, most women see those with light stubbles or clean shaven as equally less attractive compared to those with heavy stubble.


There are others who fancy people that have simple features instead of going for someone who has an attractive look. The researchers had at least 169 respondents in France for the study. They showed two different sets of random women’s faces. The researchers asked them to rate it on a scale of zero to 20 based on their attractiveness. The research showed that most men find someone attractive when they have more plain features compared to those that have distinguishable looks.

These are only a few interesting facts about what triggers our sense of attractiveness to another person. What’s attractive for one may not be for another; it’s an objective choice, after all.

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