How to Properly Store Wine Like a Pro

Wines are absolutely delicious, though a number of them can be quite expensive. This is one of the reasons you should store your wine properly, so you would be able to enjoy it down to the last drop without losing its delicious taste.

Today, we will discuss how you should be storing your fine wines from now on, especially if you are trying to send alcohol as a gift in the UK.

Store it in a Cool, Dry Place

You’ve probably heard this tip over and over again when it comes to storing wine and in fact, the label probably says this, too. There’s a good reason why you see this everywhere, though, as this is one of the most important things to take note of when properly storing your wine.

Heat is wine’s number one enemy, and temperatures that are higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit will make your wine age quickly than it really should. This means that you would not get to experience its real taste and authenticity, which is a real shame, especially if you are a wine aficionado.

Make sure to store it somewhere that has a temperature of around 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t store it in the refrigerator, as the extreme cold can dry up your wine’s cork, killing the wine’s taste and authenticity.

Get Rid of the Lights

Wine being poured

Yes, your wine bottles actually like to be kept in the dark. The sun’s harmful UV rays can do extreme damage to your wine’s taste and authenticity, and it can prematurely age your wine, too.

This is the main reason vintners use coloured wine glasses, as they usually serve as a tint or like a pair of sunglasses to your wine. If you plan on storing your wines inside a cool room for a long time, then make sure to get incandescent bulbs instead of fluorescent ones, as the former emits smaller amounts of UV lights compared to the latter.

Store it Sideways

The wine bottle’s cork is there to keep your wine’s taste and texture authentic. If it gets dried up, then your wine’s spirit dries and dies with it, so you never want to dry the cork out in any case. Always store your wines sideways so the cork can always be wet and moisturized by the wine itself.

Avoid Shaking and Vibration

Some people and wine enthusiasts claim that constant shaking and vibration can damage your wine’s taste by speeding up the chemical reactions in the liquid. This could disturb the sediment in older wines, which makes the wine gritty but definitely not in a good way. If you can, make sure to avoid shaking your wine. You should also avoid placing it somewhere near vibrating appliances so it would not get damaged in the long run.

If you are a true wine aficionado and you have the budget for a wine cellar, then, by all means, do it. You can even improvise your basement and make it a wine cellar for your beloved wine collection.

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