Different Formal Hairstyles Guys Should Consider

For a long time, few men paid attention to their looks. Nowadays, every man is aiming for the best possible look. Even the best-coordinated clothes and shoes will nonetheless not have your intended look without the best haircut. People think they can still get the best and save money with a shaver, comb, and clippers at home. However, this is a mistake that leaves you with a cheap-looking haircut and muddles your look for ages.

Investing in a hair salon for men’s haircuts will be your best choice for getting an exceptional look. Formal hairstyles are your safest choice since they make you look stylish, trendy, dashing, and unique, all at the same time. Moreover, formal hairstyles will never be out of style since they are a picture-perfect blend of vintage and classic vibes. The following are some of the best formal hairstyles for guys.

The Slick Back Style

This is a medium-length style for wavy or straight hair. In this case, the hair will be swept back to reduce its apparent volume and make it look flat. The slick back style is an ideal choice for exuding a classic look with medium-length hair. It works best for guys in their 20s who work in office setups and have round faces. The slick side-parted style resembles the slick back one, but the hair in this style will be parted then combed diagonally on either side. It is ideal for guys in their 40s and 30s.

The Trimmed Style

With this alternative, your hair is cut short then parted to one side. It is the ideal choice for guys looking for the best look for an executive meeting presentation. The trimmed haircut is one of the simple ones to maintain and suffices for straight hair. It works best for guys below 30 years.

man wearing a suit

The Peripheral Cut Style

With this hairstyle, your hair is cut along its peripheries with the front left intact. The styling procedure for the style resembles the shaggy look but calls for bangs along the front. To get these bangs, your stylist will vary the comb angle. The peripheral cut style works best for those who regularly host events and night parties and suffices for guys with an oval or round face.

The Straight and Thick Style

This suffices for all guys keen on a formal hairstyle that makes them look smart and sexy. The straight and thick style can be combined with straight spikes that can be curled or wavy, depending on your hair’s thickness. Though the straight and thick style is considered messy by a few people, it is a perfect style for those who spend most of their time making presentations and attending conferences. It works best for those with oval-shaped faces.

Anything less than the best salon for the above formal hairstyles will see you end up with a style that leaves you looking weird and affect your hair’s quality. While changing service providers might be ideal in other sectors, it is not prudent in hair care. Pick the right men’s salon the first time around and stick to it to guarantee healthy hair.

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