Traveling Light But Still Looking Stylish

Despite being both fun and enlightening, traveling can be a bit of a hassle at times. This hassle is not limited to the troubles of transportation or the anxiety of being in a new and often unfamiliar area. As we are now in the digital age, there is another thing to worry about: looking good to bag some iconic travel pictures for our social media profiles. But alas, looking good would mean donning great outfits, and more outfits mean too much luggage that comes with the added price for carry-ons depending on weight being $30 to $50 on most airlines.

More often than not, most people give up their dreams of looking good and getting good pictures once they realize how much clothing they need to pack up. But don’t give up just yet, for there are still ways where you can create multiple looks while you travel, all the while with a lighter suitcase. It’s hard to believe, but before you get too skeptical, know that we aren’t just going over the blue jeans and white t-shirt trend. Although a classic, it isn’t typically picture-worthy. Instead, we will be going over current and creative ways you can build your travel wardrobe.

Building Your Travel Wardrobe

Settle On a Simple Color Palette

While packing light, it’s evident that you won’t be able to incorporate every color of the rainbow in your clothing. That’s okay because not all colors go together anyway. Settling on a simple two to three color palette would be more beneficial. Simplifying your color combos not only cuts down your packing, but it makes planning outfits much more manageable. You can mix and match your garments with one another to create loads of complimentary looks. It is also a good idea to match your palette with the weather of the place you’re traveling to. Darker colors are more apt for more polar regions, while lighter shades are perfect for tropical locations.

Roll Your Clothes

How you pack your clothes can significantly impact how much you can pack, and the way we usually fold them isn’t the best method for conserving space. Instead of folding and stacking like you’re used to, you can save space by giving your clothes a tight roll. This method is perfect if you prefer to carry around backpacks instead of the typical four-wheeled traveling suitcases. You’ll find that you can pack as much clothing in a backpack as you could fill in a bigger suitcase if you take the time to make everything as compact as possible.


Layering is a trend that started way back in the ’90s. Thanks to the internet and nostalgia, it’s more popular than ever today. Plus, it is also a great help when you want to travel stylishly but light. Not only will layering give you a trendier and edgier look, but it will also keep you warm in colder places without the added hassle of the thick cotton and knitted materials of jackets and sweaters. You probably know how heavy and bulky those are, making them total nightmares to fit into your bag.

You’re probably wondering how layering would work in warmer places. Detachable collars and sleeves are a thing, and they are also an excellent fashion investment. They give your outfits some extra flair while giving you more comfort with their thinner and cooler fabrics. Besides, they are easier to fold, taking up less space in your bag.

Limit Your Shoes

traveling alone

Shoes might be an essential factor in pulling an outfit together, but they are also the hardest to pack. They are usually bulky and unfoldable. When you want to travel light, it is best to pack only two to three pairs of shoes at most. Remember to choose shoes that match your color palette and are practical for almost every outfit. A pair of sturdy boots, dress shoes/heels, and simple flats will suffice since they come in handy with virtually any occasion.

Find A Self-service Laundry Facility

Rewearing clothes is always a good idea when you want to travel light since it means you won’t need to pack too much. However, you can only wear clothes so much without washing them. Luckily, it isn’t hard to find a laundry shop wherever you go. Laundromats often get the job quick and cheap, only taking up to 15 to 30 minutes depending on the load, while charging less than $5. Taking advantage of this will enable you to pack lighter and give you more of a chance to create more outfit combinations.

Traveling is one hell of a ride that comes with all sorts of ups and downs. Heavier luggage might bring you down even more. But as long as you’re resourceful and think outside the box, you can find tons of ways to look good while traveling, even with a limited wardrobe.

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