Why Clean Indoor Air Matters in Your Home

When we talk about air quality and pollutants, we mostly focus on outdoor pollutants such as smoke and dust. But the truth is that the indoor air quality in your home is more harmful to one’s health. When you catch a cold or the flu, don’t blame your office because it doesn’t have proper ventilation (though can be a problem, too). Look at your home. Studies show that 80% of the time, you develop respiratory problems because of the poor air quality in your home.

This is why you should make it a point to get residential radon testing in Indiana. Home inspectors will evaluate the quality of indoor air in your home. They will make recommendations based on their findings.

Some of the most common indoor air pollutants are asbestos, formaldehyde, radon, mold, tobacco smoke, and varnishes. Older homes in the United States still have asbestos. Radon is a radioactive gas produced by the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, water, and rock. Formaldehyde can be found in paints, sealants, and wood floors.

Causes Physical Illnesses

Man with lung illness

Poor indoor air quality can cause severe respiratory problems, especially if you have pre-existing conditions such as asthma. It can cause long-term problems for the occupants. Residents will suffer from coughs, eye irritation, headaches, allergic reactions, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Reduces Productivity

Because the residents will suffer from these health problems, there will be a decrease in their productivity. Young children won’t be able to attend their classes. They will miss activities critical to improving their social skills. Parents will be absent from work, and that can strain their financial resources. Getting sick also means that fewer household chores will be completed. Who will make the meals when the parents are sick?

Strains Relationships

People are emotionally and mentally affected when they feel ill. They worry about the jobs they are unable to do. They worry about the household chores that remain undone. They worry about their children who might contract the disease from them. As a result, relationships are strained. People snap at each other for no apparent reason because they are physically weak and emotionally stressed.

Creates Liability Problems

In the future, if you choose to sell your house, a potential homebuyer will want to grade the indoor air quality. A home inspector will make a report on the contaminants present inside your home. If the inspector reports the presence of asbestos, radon, and mold in your home, a buyer will less likely want to make an offer. Addressing these problems takes a long time. Instead of having to face these problems when it’s time to sell the house, why not improve the indoor air quality right now?

Your health should be a priority. You spend 90% of your time indoors, whether at work or at home. Read up on how you can improve the air quality inside your home. There are plenty of things that you can do to remove air pollutants and contaminants. You can invest in an air-purifying machine or an essential oil diffuser or put plants inside your home. These simple ways will reduce indoor air pollution.

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