What Happens During a Fox Eye Threadlift?

The fox eye threadlift has emerged as a coveted aesthetic procedure, reshaping how individuals perceive and achieve a lifted brow appearance. Central to this procedure is the goal of achieving the trendy “fox tail lift,” which emphasizes elevating the tail end of the eyebrows to create a straighter, elongated appearance, moving away from the traditionally favored high-arched look.

During the procedure, a specialized practitioner begins by strategically inserting threads at the tail of the eyebrows.

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This isn’t a one-thread-fits-all approach; often, multiple threads are strategically placed to ensure a pronounced and sustained lift. By placing these threads, practitioners aim to amplify the lifting effect, giving the brows a rejuvenated and uplifted appearance.

In tandem with the thread placement, certain areas of the face are marked to guide the treatment further. An intriguing aspect of this procedure is the nuanced approach to neurotoxin treatment. Rather than targeting the entire frontalis muscle, which controls forehead movement, practitioners strategically leave the lateral aspects untreated. This intentional decision ensures that there’s no counteractive resistance against the desired lift, optimizing results.

Additionally, to complement the threadlift, Botox injections are administered at the brow’s tail and around the crow’s feet area. By targeting specific muscles, practitioners can further accentuate the lifting effect, enhancing the overall fox eye appearance.

In conclusion, a fox eye threadlift is a meticulously planned procedure that combines thread insertion and precise neurotoxin treatments. The result? A rejuvenated, uplifted brow that captures the essence of the contemporary fox eye aesthetic.

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