Five Ways to Rock a ’70s-Fashion Outfit Today

Many people from the 90s swore they’d never go back to the fashion of the 80s. The awkward hair, the bright neons, and the bangles were just too much. But today, you’ll see many of those bright and vibrant pieces incorporated in the fashion industry.

We all know that fashion is a merry-go-round. And every time it turns, it evolves into something more stylish, vibrant, sophisticated. And the fashion trend of the ’70s is the perfect example of that. That’s why if you walk into a vintage shop, you’ll definitely find at least one rack of tops or jeans from the era. If you’ve grown to love the free-spirited vibe of the ’70s, these fashion tips can help you dress up for it.

1. Flare It Up

Bell-bottom jeans were one of the staple fashion pieces in the ’70s. It worked well for both men and women, and they can come in denim, corduroy, khaki, or patterned cotton. The disco chics danced in them, the working dads suited up in them, and the hippie couples traveled in them. Flared sleeved tops were also a big thing back then, and you can still find the same trend on many blouses and dresses today.

It’s not so difficult to find a pair of bell-bottoms online or at fashion boutiques. So, when you do, you can match them up with a band shirt, a collared shirt, a peasant blouse, or a crop top. No matter where you go, there’ll always be a bell-bottom that will fit the occasion.

2. Use the Flower Power

Though the term “Flower Power” was born in the late ’60s as a protest symbol against the Vietnam war, it was carried over into the ’70s, not only as part of a movement, but also as a fashion trend.

Floral printed shirts and dresses can always bring a splash of sunshine to any outfit. That’s why many of these prints come out in the summer when the sun is out, and everyone is at the beach. You can go with the basic floral short or maxi dress. You can match floral pants with a plain colored shirt. Or simply wear a floral top with a pair of jeans or shorts. This print can always be a bright addition to any ensemble.

3. Tie-dye ‘Em

When you see a tie-dyed shirt today, your mind will automatically bring you back to the hippie era where everyone had long hair and flowers in their hair. Yes, this was a very carefree time in fashion, and everyone was looser and free-spirited when it came to putting together an OOTD. Though the tie-dying method started way back in the 6th century in India, many other cultures adopted the method and used them to create patterns and prints that brought the same amount of creativity as the hippies did with it. You can create your own tie-dyed apparel by starting with white or light-colored shirts or blouses. Just make sure to use good-quality fabric dye to make sure those vibrant colors last.

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4. Be Boho

The Bohemian style is not only used in fashion but in interior design as well. It’s a very light and playful style that’s easy to put together. All you need is creativity. The Bohemian fashion plays with a lot of paisley, psychedelic, or floral prints in warm, earth colors. Tops are often loose-fitted, embroidered with beads or crocheted patterns. Women would usually wear torn denim shorts or long skirts, and the men would wear ripped jeans or loose yoga pants. Getting the Boho-look is all about finding those pieces of clothing that will help you feel relaxed while you’re in them.

5. Accessorize with Natural Materials

Most fashion accessories in the ’70s were made out of natural materials like hemp, leather, wood, or shells. Different types of beads are used for bracelets, necklaces, and headbands that can take that ’70s look a notch higher on the style meter. Most of these bands are held together by either leather or hemp to add to that earth-natural vibe. Bandanas and other types of headbands were also a famous addition to the ’70s look. So were leather bags with intricate bead designs or embroideries. Luckily for the 21st-century fashionista, these accessories are still available on many online stores. All it takes is a little time on the Internet and your creativity.

The ’70s was a time when everyone wanted to express themselves in their own way. And everyone then was aiming for a carefree, relaxed, and happy life that it all poured into the way they dressed. Aren’t you looking for that same vibe today? Then bring out the free spirit in you and try these tips so you can strut in a modern ’70s outfit anytime, anywhere.

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