Organizing Intimate Art Events for the Community

Can art change the world?

The question continues to spark a debate that has been ongoing for decades. It could have begun since artists first started vying away from the conception of art for art’s sake, or it could have been earlier than that. Some say, yes, history has proven that art has the power to unify the nation and its people. Some say, no, art cannot feed the hungry and stop the bullet from coming. Whichever side you are on, one thing remains consistent: artists will continue to create.

Utah is lucky to have multidisciplinary arts festivals and events of various scales. The support from local and private sectors, as well as the artist communities, make every event a possibility. It is known that a place with flourishing and well-supported arts and culture will eventually pave the way for economic growth, job creation, and social wellbeing. Creativity is a trait of a truly progressive community—a quality that makes a place more livable and connected.

The state makes it accessible to bring artists together and organize an event—from Utah’s convenient event equipment rental to public and private event venues available throughout the cities. Intimate art events which target neighborhoods can further foster the thriving art communities in Utah.

Here are the reasons why small-scale events are just as important as the big festivals in promoting arts in Utah:

It provides a platform for up-and-coming artists.

Not all up-and-coming artists are given a chance to have a platform to showcase their works. Sometimes, a platform is all they need to reach a broader market. Smaller-scale events can purposely cater to new artists, a place where producers and curators can scout them. Also, neighborhood art events can serve as a training ground for artists to perform and network with fellow artists and probable clients.

It inspires closet artists to showcase their works.

woman in art gallery

There’s something about seeing someone perform in an intimate venue. The less threatening atmosphere can inspire the closet artists to come out and show what they can do. It might be the final push they need to finally showcase their works. Having continuous events can spread the awareness that there are people who are listening and waiting for someone to share their creativity, that it isn’t enough to keep their works inside the four walls of their room. If others can do it, they can too.

It makes way for collaboration.

Having artists in the same room can lead to future collaborative projects. Collaboration fosters personal and creative growth by pushing you outside of your comfort zone. Making art is usually a solitary act. Collaborating with fellow artists, of the same or different genre, can extend your imagination towards the possibilities of the art you know. It extends the network of both artists, thus extending the reach of their respective crafts.

Only time will tell what art can do for your community if it will eventually lead to changing the nation. What is definite for now is this: Engaging within the community is necessary for community building, that there is a place for everyone. Being involved in community affairs such as art events opens the possibility for creators and spectators to explore their philosophy in life—to create as a form of self-expression, to create for the nation, and to witness the creation and reflect how it can change them.

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