How to Create a Workspace Inside Your Bedroom

Most people would probably opt for a separate home office over a bedroom-slash-workspace combination. However, not all people can have a dedicated home office or workspace, and the bedroom-workspace combo could be an ideal alternative. But for this multipurpose space to work, you need to plan it right. Below are some ideas to consider when setting up or planning your bedroom workspace.

Make Sure That You Separate The Areas

It is immensely crucial that you keep your sleeping and working areas as separate as possible. If your bedroom has ample space, simply having a physical space between the work desk and bed is a practical solution. Otherwise, you can use a simple curtain to separate your sleeping and workspaces. Just close the curtain after each workday. A divider can serve the same purpose as well.

Select a Desk That Faces Outward

A work desk that faces a window or wall and away from your bed will help you focus more on your work especially during siesta hours, and you want nothing more than to lie down and take a nap. A simple desk with sufficient storage and one that fits with your bedroom’s design is best.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Having a comfortable chair while working will make an enormous difference to your comfort and overall health. If you’re not planning on sitting in your chair for hours on end, then consider your room’s aesthetic when choosing a chair. Either way, opt for an ergonomic chair that will give your body ample support.

Tuck Your Workspace in a Closet

If you have unused closet space or space for an extra one, hiding away your workspace inside a closet is an excellent idea. You simply shut the closet door when the workday’s done, and you won’t ever have to see your workspace when you don’t need to.

Go with Multipurpose Furniture

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If you are trying to maximize your room’s small space, opt for a bedside table that you can use as a desk. While this won’t exactly separate your sleeping and work areas, you can just hide your computer or laptop as well as work-related stuff somewhere near at the end of each workday. Scour your local office furniture store in Salt Lake City for multipurpose furniture that will work for your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Make Certain That You Have Sufficient Storage

Essentially, the amount of paperwork, stationery, files, and other work stuff you’ll need will depend on your specific type of work. To avoid clutter, consider scanning all crucial paperwork and backing them up to a couple of secure locations. If you really must store paper files and other work items, optimize your workspace with slim file cabinets and ample shelves. You can likewise consider buying storage containers that ill fit under your bed if you really need a lot of storage space.

Ready to have that much-needed workspace all sorted out in your bedroom? Whether you have a small bedroom, or are concerned about separating your workspace with your sleeping space, look to the suggestions above for a bedroom-workspace combo that really works.

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