Five Tips for Planning an Amazing Wedding Menu

Aside from the bride and groom, another main star in every wedding reception is the menu. Not only does it provide fuel to the party, but it also gives the couple a chance to add more flair and style into their wedding celebration.

You need to consider every detail about your menu carefully, from the plating to the taste and aroma. Here are a few tips that you can check to create a food adventure that you and your guests will surely remember.

Book catering services early

You would certainly want to have the best caterer for your wedding. But that will only be possible if you manage to book them early. Excellent caterers are usually in demand. So, booking them a year in advance is a great way to ensure that you will have them for your wedding.

You can scout for a venue already while you are trying to make a reservation with them. Some venues will ask you to get their in-house caterer or send you a shortlist of all the businesses that they work with solely. There is a chance that you might get charged for a fee for getting your chef. So, ask your wedding planner in Vail to schedule a tasting session with their in-house chef.

Choose the best serving style

Choosing a serving style will help you determine the type of cuisines that will be on the list. If you decide to select a cocktail style of catering, then it is best to serve veggie skewers and sliders. Another option is to choose a plated dinner. Although they are expensive, choosing a plated dinner will give you countless opportunities.

Match the menu with the theme

Although this is not a must, matching the menu with your wedding theme is a great way to make everything cohesive. If you have an idea in mind, consider pairing the dishes to it. Are you planning to host an elegant reception party? Then, choose a well-refined plated dish to keep everything in style.

Get your inspiration

couple in a restaurant ordering food

Another option that you can consider when choosing a menu is to get inspiration from your relationship. You can share a bit of what your relationship is like by incorporating it to the dishes.

If your partner proposed to you in Italy, for example, then you might want to prepare dishes that will remind you of it, such as pizzas and pasta dishes. Be creative with the meals but make sure that you do not mix in too many flavors to the menu.

Take a healthier route

There is a good chance that a few of your guests have a strict diet that they need to follow. So, you might want to prepare a separate dish that will cater to their dietary restrictions. If you do not have the time to ask everyone about it, you can always leave a space on the response card that will indicate their diet.

Choosing the right menu is a great way to cap off your wedding. So, select the dishes that everyone will like and have fun in the event. After all, the event is a celebration of your union as a couple.

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