Best Hairstyles for Women That Will Always Be Trendy

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is a struggle, especially when combined with the pressure to still be in with the times. With these five hairstyles, you wouldn’t have to worry about searching for what’s the trendiest style in any period of time, ever:

woman with long hair

Long Wavy Hair

Longer, more hair, and the addition of flare of natural waves up to the shoulders is a hairstyle that will always be a go-to for women and just simply would never go out of style. Long and thicker hair to frame the face is almost perfect for any face shape, and more hair leaves more options for different styles and experimentation. Queen Elsa’s newest hairstyle from the new and recent Frozen film left many young girls wanting longer hair, and while not everyone can grow long hair and have thicker hair, thanks to technology, you don’t have to be a magical being to still be able to achieve that look. Getting keratin fusion extensions is one of the primary methods that you could go for. It is a solution that’s long-lasting, with good quality, and would definitely be royalty-approved.

Short Hair with Long Bangs

There is something quite charming about this hairstyle that just exudes confidence and power. The long, shaggy fringe below the eyebrows but not long enough to cover the eyes balances the feminine style of the cut with just enough sexiness to tease. Several celebrities have worn this hairstyle like Jennifer Hudson, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and many more, which further proves that this hairstyle would always stand the test of time.

Straight Center-Parted Long Hair

This is also a simple yet elegant hairstyle that would look good on anyone and would flatter almost any outfit that you choose to wear. Whether it’d be a formal event or just a casual get together, this is a look that is a safe and effective choice, with only using the help of a flat iron.

Short Bob Cut with Bangs

Most young women have dreamt of trying and experimenting with this hairstyle at least once in their lives. It doesn’t matter what year you were born, or what decade it is, this short and charming haircut will always be one of the more popular hairstyles for women.

Long and Thick Curly Hair

Big, voluminous curly hair will always catch someone’s attention, and while it might not make other people wonder if your hair is full of secrets like Mean Girls’ Gretchen Wieners, the chances of the hairstyle disappearing into the void is just not going to happen. Pop Singer Tori Kelly is one of the famous faces known to wear this iconic hairstyle.

Long Braids and Twists

This is a hairstyle that requires more confidence, but if you’re one to take risks, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. There are several creative ways to make braids look different and edgier, like pulling it back in a single braid, or a large braid swept to the side could definitely twist things up in the way you look.

Trends may come and go, especially when it comes to haircuts and fashion, but there are just some that are too classy and iconic to ever disappear in the ever-changing styles of the time.

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