Traveling Out in the Cold: 6 Things to Pack

Winter can be spent at home, just sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate to warm the body. But some people prefer to get out of the house and plan fun vacations to better explore the winter world. While some will have memorized the winter travel essentials due to their yearly trips during the holidays, many will still be looking up what to bring just in case. To help you in this quest, here is a list of items that you must absolutely bring with you to be fully prepared against the harshest cold that winter can bring.

Warm Clothes

Of course, you have to prepare warm clothes for winter travel. But you have to think far ahead as if you’d experience the worst cold possible. This will prompt you to bring more than just your usual sweaters and scarves. Layering is an excellent way to counter the cold. You bring your favorite basic clothes and just put warmer, thicker layers on top of them like a Descente shell jacket to break cold winds, keep water out, and prevent your inner clothes from getting wet. You should buy a few pairs of thick gloves and socks just in case you get them wet. A warm beanie paired with earmuffs and a thick scarf should keep your head cozy while out doing activities in the cold. You should not forget to bring winter boots if you plan on walking in the snow. Remember that masks are still suitable preventive measures against the coronavirus.

Lip Balm

The cold air can be drying to the skin, especially your lips. So a lip balm is your best friend during these cold months. Hydrating and moisturizing lip balms are the best ones to use as they can protect your lips longer from drying out and cracking. You can always put other products like lipsticks and lip glosses on top of the balm, but for good measures, use products that are more creamy than dry to achieve better results.

First Aid Kit

Like every vacation during other seasons, you always have to carry a first aid kit with you in case of an emergency. Because winter can make roads slippery, slips and falls are real dangers that can seriously injure anyone. Frostbite and hypothermia are also significant risks if you spend too long out in the cold. Medicine for different ailments like colds, coughs, stuffy noses, and the flu should be brought as well. As an added measure, keep a list of the contact details of different authorities in case an emergency cannot be remedied by first aid.


The sun may still be out and blazing even during the cold months, so you should always use sunscreen to protect yourself against sunburns. If you are at a higher altitude, the sun can damage your skin with its ultraviolet rays that are worse during the winter than in summer. Sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher should be good enough to be applied to the exposed parts of your face and body.

Portable Heater and Humidifier

person and heater

Even if you stay in a hotel with a good heating system, a portable heater will always come in handy. Additionally, a humidifier can keep you away from the dry air that causes flaky skin, dry eyes, and a dry throat. Some models of these portable items are rechargeable, so you don’t have to plug them in while using them.

Insulated Food and Drink Containers

Cooking food and heating drinks are usual things to do when cold, but keeping them hot can be a problem. Insulated food and drinks containers can help keep them warm for longer. Thermos flasks are good containers for your coffee or hot chocolate that you can bring anywhere. Some lunch boxes are also equipped with insulation to keep your food items warm until you want to eat them.

The Bottom Line

These should keep you warm and safe during your winter vacation. With every item, you are well-prepared to take on the cold and the many dangers of the bitter cold. But different activities might require other special items that you’d have to prepare in advance, so do your research well to be as ready as you can ever be. Lastly, you must remember that the world is still suffering from a pandemic, so continue following the coronavirus safety guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing to avoid getting infected. Wherever you plan to go in this cold weather, stay safe and enjoy your time with your loved ones.




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