Get Over Your Imperfections and Be Flawsome

Why do people put so much pressure on themselves to achieve a particular level of perfection? To be honest, hardly a single person in the entire world is perfect. Each of us is flawed in beautiful ways. Those imperfections and weaknesses are what differentiate us. We didn’t sign up for them, yet they’re a big part of our lives. Instead of sulking, fretting, and fussing over them, it’s better to embrace them.

Sure, the contemporary world provides solutions to some imperfections, but others remain with us till our last breath. Someone may be uncomfortable with their body weight. They may either take measures such as working out and following a well-balanced diet, or they can embrace it instead of putting mental strain on themselves. Then there are those who suffer from incurable Angelman Down syndrome. These individuals have no choice but to accept the condition and be happy.

One may live a contented life by either taking measures if any are available or accepting the shortcomings. Otherwise, their life will be filled with sadness, anxieties, and even envy, none of which will do them any good or justice. We only have one life, so why sit and cry over things we have no control over? How about we focus on boosting our self-esteem and loving ourselves the way we are? Only then will we be able to improve our relationship with our flawed features.

Imperfections aren’t just limited to physical flaws. They may be anything from character defects to emotional wounds, to name a few. Let’s take a look at each of them and figure out how to fight them.

Physical Imperfections

The downside of modern world culture is that greater emphasis is placed on beauty. They’ve set unrealistic beauty standards for us and expect us to satisfy them. Some of those can be satisfied, while the others are impossible to meet. Do you have a crooked nose? Then how about getting a nose job done. Or, if you have misaligned teeth, why not correct them with dentures, perhaps gold-plated bracers or aligners for durability in addition to beauty and brilliance?

Similarly, there is an unending list of physical defects, and I don’t believe we should continue to fix each one. Yes, we should exercise caution if some imperfections endanger our health before we reach old age. For example, if you are overweight, you should hit the gym and stick to a regular diet plan to avoid heart issues, joint aches, spinal problems, and so on at a young age. However, if the flaw is harmless, such as dark skin, don’t try addressing it. It is in your genes, and you should therefore make peace with it.

To be honest, the traits I just mentioned, which were crooked nose, misaligned teeth, overweight, and dark skin, aren’t actually imperfections. We, as humans, have defined them in this way, and it is time to alter that. Start with respecting your physical uniqueness and getting rid of insecurities. For that, read and understand the below pointers.

  • Stop comparing yourselves with others.
  • It is your perception that others are concerned about your looks. On the contrary, you are the only one who’s concerned, so stop bothering.
  • Make it a regular practice to look in the mirror and chant the mantra, “I am perfect and gorgeous just the way I am.”

being mentally sound

 Emotional Wounds

It just takes one terrible experience to leave emotional scars that will last a lifetime. These scars make it difficult for us to love or trust someone again. We begin to feel threatened. When we repress them rather than cure them, it gets worse. Make yourself vulnerable to someone you trust if you suffer from them. It may be a family member, a friend, a lover, or even a stranger or a therapist. Work on healing them, and the flaws of your untrustworthy, unloving nature will fade.

  • Stop avoiding the misery; own it and work through it.
  • Be patient with the healing process.
  • Don’t be hesitant about confiding in the person you trust most.
  • Seek expert help from a therapist.

Behavioral Flaws

Not every imperfection in this category is attractive. They don’t make you distinctive in any way. These flaws include lying, cheating, selfishness, and other negative behaviors. These characteristics must be addressed for the better. People will judge you if you are a habitual liar. Likewise, if you cheat or are rude, people will be hurt and break ties with you. Work on your destructive tendencies if you don’t want to be alone, if you want respect, and if you want to love.

  • Recognize and accept your flaws.
  • Determine whether they are causing you or others harm. If that’s the case, start taking responsibility and making things right.
  • Seek assistance from friends, family members, and even people you have offended by asking for their opinions.
  • Treat people with more gentleness, kindness, and respect.

Don’t put too much effort into fixing something about yourself that doesn’t truly matter or is harmless. Only pay attention to things that make you unhealthy and hurtful. Alternatively, meditate to calm your thoughts and overcome doubts.

Remove toxic individuals from your life, as well as those that make you feel awful about your appearance. Cleaning up social media feeds that talk about cosmetics or unrealistic appearance is also a wise idea. Take it easy on yourself, love yourself, and you’ll conquer it all.

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