Focusing on Health and Wellness in Turbulent Times

We truly are living in one of the most turbulent times in human history. Economic uncertainties, rising cases of crime, ever-increasing effects of climate change, and the boom of the internet social media age are a few of the many elements creating whirlpools out of everyone’s lives. The self is lost as we battle the daily struggles of surviving life.

It is no coincidence that while most of us are college graduates, the rate of salary we all receive is significantly less in proportion to the inflation rate the country is experiencing. The system is built that way. It is a totally different battlefield for those trying to get a life in this new decade.

The psychological health of Americans has been in decline for the past few decades. Diagnoses of depression are on the rise amongst younger generations around the world. While most are caused by poverty and financial regresses, social media plays a huge role in the decline of everyone’s mental health. The toxicity we get from social media every day cannot be averted since social media is ingrained in almost every aspect of our lives.

What can we do to survive through one of the most uncertain times in recent history?


Clearing our minds off the noxiousness and toxicity of the internet age is crucial if we survive through this day and age. Fortunately for us, there is a sure-fire way to remove such burdens from our heads. Meditation is our ancestor’s answer to providing our ropes to calmness and peace. Meditation involves different mindfulness exercises that espouse mental calmness and stability. It is a skill that can start with the simple exercise of breathing in and out.

It can expand further into other exercises such as Imagery and Body Scanning Meditation. You will put your focus and attention to the minutest details of what you can feel. Meditation is known to place calmness in your lives and enables you to think straight amidst the uncertainties you may face. Most athletes and powerful figureheads are known practitioners of meditation.

Social Activism

Getting involved in social issues is a great way to cope with feeling helpless. Living in unsure times can make you feel powerless against the tides of change. Getting yourself actively involved in social activism through small means can help you dictate the change you want in society.

Doing little things such as 1) showing economic support for LGBTQ-owned business or 2) educating yourself with Black American issues through purchasing any African American lifestyle magazine stark with information about social issues can be of great help for minority groups. Social activism does not have to be confrontational and aggressive all the time. Doing simple acts of support can go a long way.

Physical Exercise


Physical exercise and getting fit and active is vital for us to survive through the most uncertain age. The importance of taking care of ones’ health cannot be highlighted more than it is in the decade of 2020. Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the country, the rates of obesity in multiple states have more than doubled in just three decades. We, as a country, are in its fattest and unhealthiest state ever.

Due to fast food chains and generally stagnant lifestyles, millions settle in ghoulish diets. Getting enough physical exercise will prevent obesity and the slew of degenerative diseases it brings. Aside from that, exercise promotes the release of healthy and happy hormones. It can be a double-edged sword in terms of taking care of your physical and mental health.

Eating Right

Eating a balanced diet even when money is tight should be a top priority. We live in a world where most things are easier to purchase. With just a click of a button, you can be served any food you want at any time. Making sure you eat right is key to survive through difficult times. Aside from maintaining a healthy weight, it helps us reduce our risk against certain types of diseases. We cannot make the same mistake our parents made.

Consulting Professionals

We are fortunate as a generation to have an open-minded disposition when it comes to seeking professional help. Consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist is important to our well-being. While older generations are generally prejudiced and have some judgments against consultations, our generation has a less difficult time when it comes to discussing mental illnesses. If you feel like everything is spiraling out of control, calling for professional help and admitting you might have a problem is admirable.

Our circumstances should not paralyze us. It will not always be that we get what we want. Figuring things out is one of life’s greatest puzzles. We must find the joy in unlocking the answer. Asking for help and taking small steps will safeguard our course towards better times.

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