Anniversary Ideas for Every Type of Woman

Anniversaries commemorate a milestone in every relationship. Giving gifts is simply a tradition that can’t be missed because it can be a symbol of your lasting love or a pleasant surprise that shows your significant other how much you care. If you’re not sure what to get your special lady for the big day, check out these ideas that you can easily get in not much time and still appeal to different tastes. They’re sure to bring out a smile if you do things right.

Heirloom jewellery

More than just any other trinket, this is the time to splurge a little more on a piece of jewellery that can outlive you and be passed on as an heirloom in time. You can even give it that added personalised touch by having it made specifically for your partner. Customised high-end bracelets for women are an excellent way to go about this since they can be worn with practically any outfit and have that special layer to them fit for a special day.

By going for something custom, you can have more freedom with the cuts and gems used here, and it would be a good idea to see the kind of jewellery your significant other leans towards for the best effect. That can help you figure out not just her tastes but also what types of metals and hues go best with her skin tone and clothing.


Spa day

There’s nothing like a spa day to rejuvenate someone and let them take a break from all the stresses of life. That is especially helpful if your partner is particularly busy or has a hectic daily schedule. There are tons of options for how to go about this, either by booking a special spa weekend or going that extra mile and setting one up yourself. Either way, you go about it, it can be a sweet gesture that is just what she needs.

Another option is to book this as a couple’s spa date so that you can still spend time together and get that much-needed relaxation in unison. The crucial part here would be to set a date that you know she would be free to indulge in a whole day without thinking of other responsibilities.


There are multiple ways to go about this, too. You can take lessons to do something special for your partner, like a dance class to suddenly take her out dancing or give a surprise number, or perhaps a pottery class so you can make her something memorable. On the other hand, you can also sign up for a special class you can take together. This one is a good option if you know any interest or activity she has been wanting to pursue and will give you the chance to learn something together.

Picking the best one falls on what you think works best, as the essential ingredient will be the sincerity with which you present your gift on the day. The specifics will rely on how you two know each other best.

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