5 Ways to Maintain Healthy, Flawless Skin During Pregnancy

So you’ve got a bun in the oven, and it feels like there are tons of things going on with your body. You may be craving for chocolate today, then hate it tomorrow. You can feel pretty and glowing one day, fat and ugly the next. Carrying another life in your body for nine months can do different things to your body. And any obstetrician in Provo will tell you that this is a time in your life when your body will need a lot of extra TLC. You may need to put your feet up on a pillow more often or have a shoulder massage at the end of each day. But one of the things you shouldn’t neglect to take care of during pregnancy is your skin.

During pregnancy, you can break out with dry skin and pimples or be gifted with rosy, glowing skin and no stretch marks. No matter what happens, it’s important to remember these tips to make sure that you maintain healthy and flawless skin from head to toe during and after pregnancy:

Drink as Much Water as You Can

This is a no-brainer tip for pregnant women because your body will really need that extra water to rehydrate you and the growing baby inside you. Besides that, your skin will also need all the moisturizing it can get from inside and out. Water will help your skin keep the right elasticity so that no matter how big your belly gets, your skin can handle it without any pressure.


You’ve read that right. This is the only time you can oversleep without feeling guilty. As you sleep, your skin regenerates to create new skin cells. A lack of sleep during pregnancy can give you dry or oily skin. Hence, get as much quality sleep as you can, and don’t forget to wash your face before you sleep and when you wake up.


While drinking a lot of water can hydrate your skin from the inside, using organic and natural skin moisturizers can hydrate it from the outside. Shea butter is known for its many skin benefits, especially when you’re pregnant. You can also use coconut oil before bedtime as a massage oil for any dry spots you may have.

pregnant woman happily standing in the park holding her baby

Lay Low on the Makeup

There may be a lot of makeup brands today that use natural or hypo-allergenic ingredients. However, when your pregnant, you’ll never know when your skin may decide to react to even the mildest makeup out there. Hence, try to lay low on slabbing on layers of foundation, blush-on, and lipstick on your face. Embrace your natural beauty with less makeup.

Do Gentle Exercise

Getting your heart pumping increases blood circulation in your body. This means having a better flow of nutrients to your skin. Do a few arm and leg stretches that are suitable for your stage of pregnancy. Taking short walks in the morning and afternoon can also help you break into a sweat to cleanse and release harmful toxins from your skin.

Some people may find pregnancy too stressful that they forget to take care of their skin. Don’t let your pregnancy do that to you. Besides, don’t you want to have healthy, flawless skin when it’s time to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world? Follow these tips, and you’ll maintain the perfect skin you’ve always wanted during and even after giving birth.

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